Staying Inspired - How to Choose Art for Your Home

If you are new to the world of art and are considering a home makeover that includes some new pieces, you may feel a little intimidated with all the options available. Some people think art is expensive or a luxury that isn't for everyone but that is simply not the case. There are many different art styles available from impressionism and cubism to surrealism and modern art and you are sure to find the ideal pieces of art to suit your home.

Art has become much more accessible for customers over the years with both art galleries and online shops providing a selection of stunning pieces that can be delivered all over the world. You are now able to connect with artists and galleries worldwide and discover new and exciting styles of art that will look perfect in your home. It is possible to find beautiful yet affordable pieces of art with these easy tips.

Determine your budget

Art has gained a reputation for being expensive but there are many affordable pieces available depending on your price range. You should decide on your budget before visiting a gallery or looking online and stick to it. If your budget is quite large, you can visit art galleries to look at their collection or even head straight to artists who you already know and love their work.

If your budget is quite small, there are also art fairs and certain websites that offer amazing pieces for a fraction of the price. Artists don’t just provide paintings of their work, they may also branch out and offer prints, pillows and other forms that can be placed around the house for a unique twist.

Pick a style you love

There are many different styles of art and it is ideal for you to decide beforehand which style will best suit your home and decor so you have an idea in mind of what to look out for. It also depends on where you are planning to hang the art pieces so you should determine where you want the art, measure the space available to ensure you choose the right sizes of the pieces and choose the style.

Whether you are looking for oil or acrylic paintings or contemporary or vintage, there is certainly something for everyone. You can also discover new styles of art that speak to you on an emotional level and provide a deep connection within.

Choose colors that match your decor or go for something bolder and more eclectic to stand out on your walls and express your feelings.

Open your mind to new styles

You may have a particular style in mind but it can also be hugely beneficial to try something new that you may not have even considered in the past. Don’t be nervous about trying something different that is out of your comfort zone! You should check out the portfolios of upcoming artists because not only will the art more likely be cheaper, it also provides you with the opportunity to try something new and discover different styles that may turn out to be a good investment in the future.

Consider the rooms’ colour scheme, furniture and the ambience you want to create in each room and don’t be afraid to choose something unique that will open your mind and connect with your emotions.

Commission a piece of art

If you love a particular artist’s work, it may be worth asking if they are able to create a piece especially for you and your home. This is a brilliant way to support your favorite artists and receive a gorgeous piece of art which is exactly the right size that fits the space.

You should do some research to find an artist that has experience with commissions and that also has a style that you love. You should never ask the artist to create something completely out of their style range or try to control them; instead you should give them clear ideas of what you want to ensure you will receive a piece of art exactly to your standards.

You may think that choosing art for your home is an overwhelming task but with these easy to follow tips, you can find the perfect artwork that will complement your home and stand out on your walls. Whether you have a favorite artist or don’t know where to start, keep an open mind and enjoy the thrills that art brings.

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