Alexander Serdiuk

Alexander Serdiuk is a prominent representative of the Kharkov School of Fine Arts. He graduated from the Kharkov National Academy of Design and Arts and his painting philosophy is based on national history and traditions.

The author worked out his own artistic style, recognizable by a figurative allegorical series of works and light-coloured nuances of painting. In Alexander Serdiuk’s artworks, light is crucial. It gently emphasizes the image, fills its form, "enlightens", goes beyond the rectangle of the canvas and envelops the audience's space, provoking the lyrical and contemplative mood. The images, being transformed in the artist’s imagination, become something more than the fixation of the observed and experienced. Complex artistic sensations and philosophical reflections fill his works with allegorical content that inspires associative perception.

Alexander held solo exhibitions in Ukraine, in Taiwan and in the United States of America. He takes part in exhibitions, art projects and plein-airs in Ukraine and abroad. He has numerous publications in the Ukrainian magazine "Fine Arts", and often participated in interviews on radio and television.