Alexander Shandor

Alexander Shandor was born in 1981 in Western Ukraine. He is presently residing there. Master graduated from the Erdeli Arts College. Alexander is an active participant in the multiple exhibitions in the Ukraine and abroad. His paintings are found in the galleries and in the private collections around the world. 

Most of Alexander's paintings are drawn from nature, in the open air, in the genres of landscapes and still life. All his works are unique and unrepeatable even by himself. Alexander is in love with his work. He puts his heart and soul into his creations. Alexander believes that each piece of art always carries positive energy, which is transferred to the future owners. His ability to insert this energy in every painting, his commendable skills and a tremendous talent makes his art desirable and appreciated among his fans and collectors.

Alexander participated in many Ukrainian and international exhibitions including:

  • 2011 - Hust Art Gallery, Hust, Ukraine
  • 2012 - Exhibition "Christmas", Kyiv, Ukraine
  • 2013 - Gallery "South Hermitage", Sevastopol, Ukraine
  • 2013 - Exhibition "Hutsul’s Year", regional exhibition hall of the National
  • 2014 - "Verkhovyna (Highlander) Artist" at the Gallery "Impasto", Vinohradiv, Ukraine
  • 2014 - Gallery "Art Summer", Moscow, Russia
  • 2015 - Exhibition "My Carpathians", Kyiv Law University NAS PMC, Kyiv, Ukraine
  • 2016 - Exhibition "Symphony of the Carpathians" Gallery "Palmgren Madame", L’viv, Ukraine
  • 2017 - Exhibition "Carpathian Paths" Gallery "Zavalny ARTTsenter, Kyiv, Ukraine
  • 2018 - Exhibition "Polesie and Transcarpathia" - city of Zhytomyr, gallery "Gnatyuk Art Center"

From Alex:

Only the highest quality oil paints and materials are used in my works. After the paintings are finished, they are covered with a special varnish to protect them from the dust and direct sunlight. Paintings are extremely well packed in a cardboard box with a plastic foam and a protective cover for their fronts. Each painting is a single copy. My principle is to create something new and different every time. I wish you a nice view and a good choice.