Elena Molchanova-Dudchenko

Elena Molchanova-Dudchenko was born in Tayshet, Irkutsk Region in 1961. Since childhood, Lena loved to draw and did not part with the album and pencil, even on a walk. In 1981 she graduated from the Crimean Art College and in 1986 from the Kharkov Institute of Art and Industry.

Elena’s paintings present to the viewer the unique harmony, the gracious contemplation and enjoyment of the incomparable aesthetics of the lines and colors. The artist magically talks about reality, creating beautiful images on the canvas. The unique fusion of pictorial and graphic skills, nuances of sense of color and the use of decorative techniques create the personal art language, which cannot be confused with any other.

Plunging into the warm evening landscapes, feeling the gentle light of the sunrises, breathing in the scent of field grass or fresh sea breeze, catching the sunbeams that play through the shadows. .. We can always guess the artist's intention, and certainly we get an incredibly aesthetic and harmonious message that gives us a true pleasure from painting created by Elena.

The artist’s paintings are in private collections in Russia, Germany, England, USA, China and other countries of the world.