Misak Vita

Misak Cholokyan (Vita) was born in 1976 in the city of Krasnodar. He graduated from the Krasnodar Art College named after Repin. The artist began his career with landscape painting, gradually complicating it, in the search for the essence of things, he came to the pointless art or the art of "environment".

Today, Misak is testing the possibilities and boundaries of a wide variety of techniques and materials. It may even seem that the master works spontaneously, obeying the first impulse. Nevertheless, the carefully worked out structure of serial motifs, famous for its cultural landscapes, improvisations and imitations, says the opposite, they make an impression of being done, with the appearance of an unsteady image. This can be seen in many series of paintings by Cholokyan, on which the form dissolves or manifests itself in the chaos of the environment, and then disappears again, actively influencing the viewer, leading him to a “sense of vibration” with the painting, carrying a whole gamut of sensations and feelings from contact with some new cultural environment. 

Misak Cholokyan’s paintings are the path from the chaos of unstructured and unedited impressions to the creation of one’s own cosmos.