Svetlana Kukueva

Svetlana Kukueva was born in Ulyanovsk and currently lives and works in the city of Novorossiysk, Russia. Svetlana is a talented, unique artist. The main topics of her paintings are still life, landscape, genre composition.The tender and reverent floral arrangements of Svetlana do not leave indifferent even the most sophisticated viewer. Contemplation of the sea landscape allows you to fully experience the unique charm of the Black Sea and the greatness of the Mediterranean. The ancient narrow streets of southern European cities are fraught with amazing puzzles.

Svetlana Kukueva is a member of the Union of Artists of Russia since 2001. Her paintings are in private collections in Russia and abroad, as well as in art galleries in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

From Svetlana:

“Flowers, this is my separate and seemingly shared love. Wherever the creative whirlwind takes me, no matter how the cities and countries change in my plein air, no matter what genre compositions are arranged in my workshop, I always return to flowers with great pleasure. TO YOUR colors. Lush fragrant lilacs, fragile lyrical lilies, delicate weightless daffodils and of course HER MAJESTY ROSE !!! I’m with you forever.”