Tetiana Shuliak

Tetiana Shuliak graduated from the Imperial Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg. She is a member of the National Union of Artist of Ukraine. Her academic background and creative activity formed the personality and original style of the artist. Plastics and aesthetics of her particular style, with its smooth lines and elegant ornamentation create a visual image in the picturesque works of the artist.

She is a beautiful colorist who boldly combines bright colors and creates contrasting combinations that create the impression of fullness and thoughtfulness, as well as a joyful aftertaste of the celebration of life, color and movement. Tetiana's favorite genre is a decorative still-life, full of decorative elements and patterned fabrics. She is fascinated by the beauty of simple things. Plain peppers and melons seem exotic and mysterious to her. She stresses the influence of eastern art, and also the paintings of Mathis Bonnar.

Quite realistic vases with flowers, various jugs and fruits, the artist places all of them in a fantastic environment of ornaments and decorative elements, which, involving everything in a color vortex, play a far from subordinate role. It is interesting that she chooses her dominant color range for each work, sometimes enhancing the power of the color, and sometimes splitting it into a lot of additional shades. This color fidelity echoes neat strokes, and all together it looks like a mosaic whirlwind.

This is a mystery painting in a full scale. There's no dynamic and emotions of human being in it. Time is standing still in these canvasses. These pumpkins never will be overripe. And those lilies will never dry. Maybe there are no stories of people at all. Just stories of things. The unusual touch of some of these works is that the objects of composition, woven into the fabric of the background pattern, become part of this large ornament. Similar experiments in a number of other works smoothly flow into generalizing abstract forms, where large color planes become dominant. These are color associations on the theme: "Spring mood", "Caramel" and others.

Participation in exhibitions and plein airs:

  • 2003 - 4th International Art Exhibition, Tokay, Hungary
  • 2007 - All-Ukrainian Art exhibition "Women of Ukraine are artists"
  • 2010 - All-Ukrainian Triennial of Painting, Kyiv
  • 2010 - 2nd International Biennale of Painting and Sculpture, Split, Croatia
  • 2011 - International plein air "Art Horizon", Eastern Rhodopes, Bulgaria 
  • 2012 - 5th International Beijing Art Biennale, China
  • 2013 - International open-air "Wall of Europe" San Sperato, Sardinia
  • 2014 - All-Ukrainian Art Exhibition "Bright Square"
  • 2015 - All-Ukrainian Triennial of Painting "Ukrainian Folk-Modern" 
  • 2016 - 3rd All-Ukrainian Exhibition of Abstraction "ART-AKT"
  • 2017 - All-Ukrainian Exhibition of Abstraction


"My painting is not built on a detailed display of reality, but rather on emotions, feelings,… They are expressed by color, rhythm of lines and spots. Such painting is very close to music. Just like music, it is built on associations."