Igor Pozdeev

Painter Igor Pozdeev was born in 1969 in Feodosiya. He studied and graduated from the Painting Department of the Crimean Art College. His works bring real pleasure to the viewer by the purity and cheerfulness of colors, light, air, filling landscapes and still lifes. The nature of Crimea has become an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the painter.

Igor's paintings are filled with the spirit of romanticism and the most subtle sensation of nature, which are inherent in the Impressionists. The artist creates a mood in his works, turning an unsightly little house, a simple courtyard, an ordinary path into an object of admiration. The ability to see the notes of solemnity inherent in nature, the ability to poetize a banal landscape and landscape — a tilted boat or just an overcast day — the ability to see harmony in a trivial situation, is a great gift.

The artist regularly takes part in exhibitions, art projects and plein-airs at home and abroad. His paintings are in private collections, scattered in different countries of the world.