Vasyl Khodakivskyi

Vasyl Khodakivskyi was born in the Kiev region, Ukraine. He received elementary art education at the Kiev Art - Industrial College, and later he graduated from the Academy of Arts in Kiev, specializing in easel painting.

Vasyl works with acrylic, watercolour and oil paint, in a style that is mainly figurative. He is looking to produce, above all else, something that can speak to everyone. Also, using a personal aesthetic approach, the painter strives to represent moments in life, bodies and landscapes, with simplicity and finesse that, after carefully being translated into colours, can reflect the enthusiasm and sensitivity of their author.

Vasyl was also a street artist on the Greek Island of Santorini for several years. He made portraits and has boundless admiration for the female body, which he never tires of capturing. He also loves to depict seascapes and the many elements he finds in them.

The artist regularly takes part in exhibitions, art projects and plein airs at home and abroad. Along with creative activities, he also teaches art. Vasily's works are in private collections in Ukraine, Greece, Germany, USA, Canada, Australia and other countries.