11 Reasons We Need Art in Our Homes

Art lets you express your emotions without the need for words. It lets you add pops of color and spruce up otherwise bland walls that didn’t inspire confidence. But the real question is: do you need art in your home? The answer is almost always in the affirmative (unless your walls are covered with art). Here are 11 reasons we need art in our homes.

Art Makes You Appear More Human

Almost all the items in your home have a functional purpose. The perfume makes you smell fresh, the comb lets you organize massive clumps of unkempt hair, and the cabinet lets you store items. All these items have a role to play. Art doesn’t seem to have any function outside of being of décor. 

The truth is that art effortlessly makes your room appear livelier by adding a ‘human’ touch to the environment. This is because most paintings, including abstract art, require a lot of time, skill, and effort by a skilled artist. You don’t need to meet the artist in person or even know their story to appreciate the masterful brush strokes, fingerprints, or marks on the canvas.

Art Lets You Express Yourself

Art is a language that lets you express yourself without the need to use words. Each piece of art that goes on your wall tells a story about you. Whether you want to project your personality or life values to visitors, art is the perfect medium of communication. A few glances at the artwork on your wall gives the guests in your home glimpses into your persona.

Art Evokes Powerful Emotions

Art on the wall helps you reconnect with a memory or a feeling that you want to cherish for many years to come. It can cheer us up if we’re sad or inspire us to make positive changes in our life. Art can provide comfort to us in more ways than one. Some scientists believe that art can evoke emotions by tapping into emotional cues etched deep in our minds. This is one reason why some people are moved to tears when they look at art.

Our ability to interpret emotions from visual cues is innate. If we see someone who looks angry, we raise our defenses; a person looking happy will elicit a sense of happiness or calm. Why does a child’s picture generate feelings of empathy? These are the same reasons why art may also generate happy feelings.

Scientists have studied using functional MRIs that certain regions of the brain are activated when we view aesthetically pleasing art. Whatever emotion we may be experiencing, a glance at the artwork lets us know we are not isolated.

Art Challenges Us

The intriguing narrative formed by artwork challenges us intellectually and confronts our ideas, sometimes going so far as to make us feel uncomfortable. This is true in the case of abstract painting which comes from a place distant from reality. Imagine you’re in the office and stuck in a rut, struggling to come up with new ideas to complete your work.

Just then, you happen to gloss over abstract art conveniently hanging on a wall near you. The formless shapes and intricate patterns may lean into our thoughts and help us give us psychological cues needed to crawl out of the rut. Art shows us a perspective on life we are not used to and pulls our minds into a different narrative. 

Art Heals Us

Looking at art engages both the body and mind by providing us an avenue to reflect. If we’re struggling with sadness or other negative emotions, experiencing art gives us the inspiration to get up and engage our whole selves. Art, whether while observing or creating, release the ‘happy’ chemicals of the body called endorphins while reduces the stress hormones called cortisol. It transforms you into a well-rounded, positive human being.

Art Encourages Conversation

Anyone who looks at the painting on the wall will be put into a curious frame of mind that will give them the reason to start a conversation with you. Something as simple as, “that goes well with your wall” is enough to break uncomfortable silences and move the conversation in a positive direction. This can be particularly useful if you’re struggling to make amends with friends and family and need an excuse to speak with them… art is your excuse.

Art Encourages Productivity

Aside from encouraging interactions and conversion between guests, artwork can play an important role in increasing your productivity. It is an essential tool that inspires productivity by ‘reshuffling’ our initial frame of mind. A single glance at the artwork is all you need to break away from whatever it is holding you from progress.

Art Encourages Us to Take Greater Risks

Appreciating ask opens us up to criticism. This is because we are letting our guests peek into our minds and cast their judgments. It’s like being an artist yourself; by displaying your work you are making yourself vulnerable. Being able to take more criticism makes us feel less squeamish about taking greater risks and advancing in life, whether this involves standing up to a school bully or getting that work promotion.

Art Creates Focal Points in Your Room

Struggling with an oversized or undersized room? You can improve these imperfections by hanging a dramatic piece of original artwork that draws attention away from the less attractive areas of the room. This piece can be abstract art or portraits of things and people.

Different rooms require different types of art. For example, a child’s room can be filled with works that inspire discovery, learning, and fun.

Art Is the Perfect Souvenir

Pieces of art can be used as a souvenir of trips you’ve made in the past or a reminder of relationships you’ve had. For instance, the artwork can be used to bring memories of events that may have occurred in your past vacation. A painting from Rome may remind us of the cultural voyage or memorable honeymoon.

Art Is an Investment in Your Home

Art adds value to your home and if done right, could skyrocket your property’s value. This last bit depends on the artist, technique used, and its demand in the market right now. A vintage art piece can fetch a high dollar amount in the market, although you may need to have them appraised first.

If you want to purchase original art to add personality to your walls, visit our website to see unique and inspiring artwork from skilled artists.

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