What Is Abstract Art All About ?

Understanding abstract art is based entirely on you. This makes it both easy and difficult at the same time. It’s easy because there isn’t any one method of describing the portrait, and difficult because you won’t necessarily arrive at the same conclusion as the next person.

Many experts describe abstract art as an attempt to use colors, shapes, gestural marks, and forms to capture the artist’s imagination. And it doesn’t take an expert to realize that human imagination tends to run wild. In the words of Arshile Gorky, abstract art is the ‘exploration into unknown areas.’

Abstract art first emerged in the 19th century as a reaction to mainstream academic painting at the time. It was intended as the direct visual opposite of realistic art. The idea is to ‘free’ artists from capturing every single wrinkle on their subject’s face and give their own intuition a ‘free’ reign.

Abstract Art Does Not Need Meaning

As innately curious creatures, humans try to solve problems as and when they encounter them. In our quest for ‘answers,’ we sometimes end up creating more problems. This is why abstract art is so liberating to the human mind: it does not need to have any real meaning or narrative. Trying to make sense of abstract art is rather ironic. 

The purpose of abstract art is not to tell a story, but to encourage imagination and deep thought. It’s about connecting the viewer with an emotional and intangible experience that many cannot put in words. This experience is different for every person depending on their state of mind and personality.

The saying, ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ is indeed very applicable when it comes to abstract art. It is up to the viewer to decide if abstract art has any real meaning or if it provokes any emotion.

You may see a flower blossoming in the sun, while others may see a supernova explosion or something similar. There simply is no right or wrong answer when it comes to interpreting an array of colorful patterns and swirling shapes.

Letting the Artist Free You from Structure and Form

Abstract art survived in the modern times because it’s an experience that speaks to the nonverbal parts of our being. To properly view abstract art, you have to focus on how successful it is at evoking emotion, not at how realistically the artist has painted it.

You can appreciate abstract art in terms of individual elements of the paint such as the shape, line, color, space, texture, etc.

Just because abstract art is rendered in a form that isn’t easy to quantify doesn’t mean the artist is creating a random mishmash of colors that make zero sense. A true abstract artist uses colors and textures to create a sound composition of the elements described above.

Some Easy Techniques to Get Started with Abstract Art

The best thing about abstract art is that there is no single technique to get started. Indeed, something as innocent as doodling in a boring lecture hall is enough to create thought-provoking pieces of work.

How to Make Abstract Art Yourself ?

You don’t need a degree in arts or even special tools to create abstract art. Something as simple as a blank paper and a pencil should do the job. If you’re not sure how to start abstract art, then get doodling!

Doodling gives your imagination free reign as opposed to painting something with a clear goal in mind such as a horse or a house. You’re giving yourself permission to do whatever you want with no rules. Doodling is an effective tool at creating vague abstract forms that are fun and beautiful.

Since you don’t need to give form to your work, you can use your non-dominant hand to create abstract art. For instance, if you are a right-handed person, use your left hand to draw the image. The lines will be intangible, random, and wobbly, but that’s a good thing. Using your less dominant hand is a surefire way of rendering formed shapes into abstract art in an instant.

Contour Drawing: A Component of Abstract Portrait

Most artists look closely at the shape of an object and then try to trace it on a piece of paper without looking down to see what they are doing. This is also known as contour drawing, in which you don’t let the drawing medium leave the paper. Some of the most interesting compositions are a result of contour drawing. Contour drawing gives your imagination, not reason, the power to move your hands.

What are Zectangles

One popular method of creating abstract art is to make a zectangle. Making one requires you to start by drawing a few simple forms and then filling them with more recognizable patterns and drawing marks. This type of drawing is still categorized as abstract art since there are so many intricate lines. Many experts believe that zectangles are a way to relax and meditate.

Zectangles are created with repetitive patterns and are meant to be abstract art. They are supposed to encourage intuitive thinking and mindfulness by proving that even the most inexperienced artist can create beautiful works.

Splashing Water on Paint

This may sound like cheating but it’s not. If you want to make your image even more abstract than ever before, a water spill is just the thing you need. But first you will need a pen that isn’t water proof. Your best bet is to use a watercolor brush to apply the water to the drawing. Now give your image some time to smear. Since the entire drawing is so random, you will never know how it will end up looking.

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