Alexander Tyunkin's Bright and Inviting Landscapes

Alexander Tyunkin (born in 1986) makes lively nature-inspired paintings, from sweeping views of seaside towns to plush bouquets of brightly colored flowers. He developed his natural skills in art school in Stravropol, where he focused on easel arts. Later, he continued to the Kharkov State Academy of Design and Arts, where he studied monumental painting, further expanding his abilities. Since 2012, he has been a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine. 

Old City (2020) stands out in his portfolio as a unique cityscape portrayed with both looseness and remarkable specificity.

Old city of Bakhchisarai 60 x 70 2019 original oil painting by Alexander Tyunkin

Like most of his paintings, he brings his subject to life at the moderate scale of 60x70 centimeters. Viewers get the sense that they are perched on a hill, looking down at the historical architecture below, most notably two stunning light blue domes. Further out, a seemingly simple brushstroke depicts a distant building. These architectural elements pepper the canvas, loosely framed by a warm green background; all of these forms blend into each other in a delightful composition for viewers to wander. The low-key background color is brought to life with gestural brushstrokes and varying opacities, continuously directing the viewer's eye toward the town. Old City vaguely brings to mind the mountainous landscapes of the pioneer Post-Impressionist Paul Cézanne, particularly regarding its shifting perspectives, loose foliage, and playful approach. Here, we delight in streaks of light being treated with the same weight as a solid dome. 

He takes a slightly different approach to depicting architecture in Views from the Hill (2020), in which the foliage of a plant full of cool blue and purple tones dominates the composition and appears to be moving in a breeze.

View from the hill 60 x 70 2020 original oil painting on canvas by Alexander Tyunkin

The viewer is perched behind the bright foliage, almost hiding, sneaking a view of the buildings below. Houses pepper the hillside to the right, eventually meeting the calm sea, which extends near the top of the painting. Far off in the distance, we see the suggestion of more land and houses. The title is curious, suggesting that the view is the principal subject of the painting, but it is the wild foliage directly in front of us that is portrayed with more significance. 

This is a particularly beautiful piece by Tyunkin, his mastery of landscapes and cityscapes shines here. He plays with perspective in a unique way—there is a push-pull between what is just in front of the viewer and that which is far off. The blue from the foliage in the foreground is nearly identical to the distant ocean, yet Tyunkin still successfully and accurately portrays the spatial reality. The limited color palette of "Views from the Hill" is particularly satisfying and highlights the artist's skills as a colorist. 

Flowers (2021) and Poppy Field (2021) continue to highlight the artist's interest in the natural world. In the former, a simple and bright bouquet sits on a table with a vista stretching out below.

Bouquet in sunlight 70 x 60 2021 original oil painting on canvas by Alexander Tyunkin

Poppy Field original oil painting on canvas by Alexander Tyunkin

The flowers have a distinct mass and weight yet remain fairly ambiguous in shape. However, their appearance slightly suggests that they are morning glories, a testament to Tyunkin's mastery of oil paint. Again, something about the weight given to the flowers brings to mind the compositions of some Post-Impressionists. 

Poppy Field is predictably dominated by vivid flowers, which merge to form a sea of red. A subject made famous by the great Impressionist painter Claude Monet, poppies have a particular intensity here, almost verging on violence in certain moments. In the midground, the poppy field is reduced to slash-like brushstrokes of red. Eventually, the field fades against a backdrop of serene blue cliffs. Like most of Tyunkin's paintings, there is no figure in sight, allowing for complete contemplation of the liveliness of the poppies and serene landscape. It is hard not to wonder—and want to visit—this beautiful place, which feels both very real and idyllic. 

Like many artists, Alexander Tyunkin holds a fascination and talent for capturing the subtitles of times of transition in nature. Warm Evening (2019) is one of his paintings that focuses on the late or early hours of the day.

Light and shadow 60 x70 2019 original oil painting on canvas by Alexander Tyunkin

Here, a very warm yellow tree, captured with very broad gestural brushstrokes, dominates the composition. Whitewashed buildings fade into the background, and the highlights of the ground are elevated to importance. Once again, his back-and-forth of sharp lines (in this case, the rooflines) and extraordinarily loose organic shapes (the tree and foliage). His extremely expressive shadows, present in many paintings, are on full display in Warm Evening. In the same vein, the artist places significance on even the smallest hints of light.

The artist seems to hold a particular love for spring and summer. Despite the lack of figures in his work, a sense of lazing around in the warm months permeates many of his compositions. When looking at his work in totality, you may imagine a narrative of the artist strolling throughout a slow seaside town over a long leisurely summer, up and down its hills, and finally to the shore, capturing small and poetic moments along the way. Titles like "On the Way to the Sea" further give way to such a narrative. Perhaps what is most poetic about his approach is how he elevates natural elements to great importance while letting more human-centered elements quietly exist alongside or even fade in the background. 

Exploring Tyunkin's portfolio invites viewers to discover bright, open colors, blissful scenes of the countryside, and energetic bursts of foliage. It is the kind of work that exudes a tasteful and slightly subdued joie de vivre, with a particular emphasis on the energy and vividness of natural elements and a constant appreciation for the world around him. The beauty of the world, in all of its grandeur and subtleties, is brought to importance in Aleksander Tyunkin's artwork. 

Tyuknin continues to experience success in Europe and beyond. His paintings are in private collections in Russia, Ukraine, and abroad, and his work has been featured in regional, national, and international exhibitions.

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