The Vivid Oil Paintings of Yuri Pryadko

Ukrainian artist Yuri Pryadko (born in 1980) makes lovely escapes into worlds that feel both distant and familiar. His expansive oeuvre includes landscapes, seascapes, portraits, still lives, and more, all captured with a skillful hand in oil paint. Born in Pavlograd, Ukraine, Yuri Pryadko began his journey in art at the age of 17. Since 2004, he has been based in Kyiv.

His landscapes and seascapes are reminiscent of the great Romantic artists, containing elements of drama as well as subtleties that highlight Pryadko’s artistic prowess. In particular, his paintings of the natural world bring to mind the concept of the sublime that the Romantic painters often depicted. The overwhelming beauty of nature is a popular theme among artists, and Pryadko does this idea justice through his collection of works in scenes of both serenity and intensity.

In particular, seascapes are a common subject for the artist. In Storm (2021), turbulent waves toss around a small boat under gloomy skies, highlighting the ocean's might as it crashes into jagged cliffs, recalling the theme of nature’s power over man.

He again depicts the ocean in Sea at Dawn (2019) and Cloudy Morning at Sea (2019) but in the soft morning hours without any ships in sight.


Pryadko creates another serene outdoor scene in Summer Day (2020), in which soft light permeates the composition, reflecting off a pond’s surface and in distant clouds. We look into this scene of nature, with its lush foliage, calm sky, and quiet water, and feel the laziness of a warm summer day. This is one of many works by Pryadko that brings to mind the peaceful pastoral landscapes of the iconic British painter John Constable, whose countryside scenes are admired for their realist approach. While Pryadko proves he can do dramatic compositions such as Storm, he often tends towards the naturalist approach of depicting the world as it is, in the vein of Constable.

Part of what makes Pryadko’s compositions impressive is a certain ebb and flow between large, sweeping forms and minute details that make a place distinct, allowing the viewer to get a genuine impression of a location. One can sense the emotional connection between a place and the artist through the canvases; it’s easy to feel Pryadko’s appreciation for nature’s processes, the quiet passage of time, and the changes of the seasons. His paintings convey that he is a keen observer of nature’s subtleties, which he deftly immortalizes through art. While sublime landscapes are a principal element of his portfolio, he also deals in other subject matter and approaches, sometimes venturing a bit closer to Impressionism with brighter colors and looser brushstrokes. Since 2000, Pryadko has experienced local, national, and international success. His work continues to appear in leading auctions across Europe and has found its way into countless collections in the artist’s native Ukraine and worldwide.


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