Why Should I Buy Original Art ?

Whether you want to spruce up your room or give a human touch to a tired-looking office space, the easiest ways to add personality to any room is by hanging original art on a wall. We’re not talking about generic pictures of celebrities or panoramic views of the ocean, but original art that someone spent hundreds of hours fleshing out after much deliberation.

Your growing art collection reflects your individual personality, and it is a means of personal expression. Everyone wants to express themselves by what they wear or how they decorate their room or office space.

What Defines Original Art?

Original art is not mass-produced by a print machine. Instead, it is a one-of-a-kind artifact that isn’t usually available elsewhere on the market and the internet. You could argue that limited edition prints tread the fine line between original art and mass productions. This means the smaller the scale of production, the more original the artwork will be.

You can usually tell that something is produced in bulk if a careful inspection of the artwork reveals some degree of pixilation. This is very true in the case of digitally-rendered prints that may not be able to accurately reproduce color. Modern technology still has a long way to go before it could reliably and affordably process oil paints in a textured layout on a piece of canvas.

Original Art Transforms Your Home

Original art may have grainy texture or chunky paint strokes that seem meaningless to the less-trained eye, but they somehow manage to blend in with the rest of the home décor. When we view the artwork, it should instill emotional responses that don’t necessarily have to be positive or negative. The beauty of art is that it is interpreted by people differently when they pay attention to it and welcome it into their lives.

Don’t Try to Fit Art in with the Existing Color Scheme

Many people try matching the color scheme in their home or office space with the artwork. This is not the right approach given the inspirational role art can play. The idea is to find and hang pieces of artwork that appeal uniquely to you. Don’t look at artwork as rush items you buy from general stores on a whim. Find something that truly conveys emotion. The art, even if it is only 2-3 strokes of colors, will stand out on its own and redecorate your room.

Best Place to Hang Original Art: Kitchens and Living Rooms

Kitchens and living rooms are spaces where you and your guests can freely talk to each other. These ‘high-traffic’ areas of your home are best suited to original art since your guests will form their opinions about your taste, personality, and selection. They will lead by asking questions about where you found the art from, the name of the artist, and what motivated you to buy this particular piece.

In some cases, you may be able to unravel passions that were locked deep within and participate in stimulating conversations that enrich the relationships you share with these people. If nothing else, original art acts as a good excuse to break the ice and manage conflicts.

Original Art Engages Your Brain

Artists use their life’s work to express their personal opinions about certain topics. They could be related to the environment, love, politics, history, or events that are actively unfolding in society. In some cases, the art doesn’t have to make a lot of sense. Just seeing art helps us create memories or hold on to past ones as we try to reconnect with them.

In this sense, one could argue that art engages your brain. Popular opinion among researchers is that art can trigger a surge of “feel-good” chemicals, such as dopamine, in the orbitofrontal cortex of the brain. The result is intense emotional responses that make us stop and stare every time our eyes gravitate towards the original artwork we love. Who wouldn’t want to bring this kind of power into their personal space?

Original Art Is Eco-Friendly

For the most part, original art does not harm the environment and creates an almost negligible carbon footprint. This makes sense since no machines are used to make artwork. Except for the art supplies, the rest of the painting is made by hand onto a piece of canvas. This means you can safely gift-wrap original art to environmentally conscious friends who will appreciate the fact that at least one artifact on their wall isn’t contributing to global warming.

It’s Future Proof

When you buy original art, you know that it is authentic and unique. This means no other person on the planet owns it except you. Who knows if it embodies a deeply psychological meaning that future societies will hold in deep regard? Think of the modern day Mona Lisa painting. It’s valued at about $830 million, depending on who you ask. This just shows how the value of art increases with age. Imagine holding on to something truly unique that will inspire generations for years to come.

Humanize Your Office Space

Most offices have a barebones structure – so to speak. A desk, cubicle, chair, and other functional objects dominate the scene. This gets boring after a while, and you want to humanize the office space where you will likely spend a significant portion of your life. Original art gives that much-needed touch of humanity to your office and transforms the space into something that gives you more warmth.

Once again, it can inspire thought and questions among coworkers, and possibly kick-start a healthy dialogue between people who find the painting interesting.

You Can Now Buy Art Online

Benarto’s online art gallery has a broad collection of paintings and arts by contemporary artists. The artists featured on the Benarto website are all experienced, with some having careers that span over several decades, more importantly, they love doing what they do best. Click here to view their work. 

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