Artyom Tolstuhin

Artyom Tolstuhin was born in the Crimea (Ukraine) in 1981. He graduated from the famous Simferopol Art Institute in 2006 and from the Kharkov Academy of Design and Arts in 2011. Since 2008, the artist is a member of the All-Ukrainian Union of Artists.

Tolstukhin is a young talented artist who works mainly in the genre of landscape painting and paints urban and rural landscapes. Artyom spends a lot of time in plein airs and traveling, which are the source of his inspiration. In his works there is no drama, no collisions - only good, which sometimes is on the limit with a quiet sadness. His paintings seem fashioned from hundreds of colorful brush strokes that create a fascinating mosaic texture. A delighted look at the world around him, light flowing colors, unpretentious beauty and mesmerizing charm of the depicted motifs - these are the distinguishing features of his work. 

Artyom regularly takes part in exhibitions, art projects and plein airs at home and abroad. His painting are in private collections in Russia, Ukraine, Germany, France, America and many other countries.