Sergey Malish

Artist Sergey Malish was born in 1965 in Krivoy Rog. He graduated from the graphic arts department of the Pedagogical University in Kharkov. He engaged in creative activity since 1990. Since 1995, he participates in regional and Ukrainian exhibitions.

Sergey Malish - “the artist-storyteller” who creates fictional images, works in the genres of thematic and narrative paintings. His painting style is difficult to confuse with anyone. Every painting tells its history, it has its own atmosphere. It seems that the canvas was found in the attic of an old grandfather, full of intriguing mystery!

The paintings are characterized by restraint of color and tonal structure, soft painting techniques, smoothing the borders and a symmetrical composition. The colour scheme is based on a combination of various shades of brown, usually warm, golden diluted interspersed with muted green, blue and pink. The characters of the artist are mysterious, dreamy and good-natured. They resemble living dolls with big heads, small hands and legs, in made-up headdresses, with doll poses and movements, dressed in ancient costumes that tell their fictional stories. You can find a variety of angels, female figurines with masks and images of fabulous boys, girls and old people, complemented by attributes that accurately reveal each character.

Sergey Malish's paintings resemble old drawings illustrating old books and lead the viewer into the worlds of dreams and fantasies for a long time remaining in memory. His paintings are in private collections in Ukraine, America, Israel.

From Sergey:

Walking along the path of life, all of us are pilgrims. We make stops, contemplate the world around us. Sometimes we break the laws of motion. Do we think about the final destination? Every fragment of our movement is recorded in the book of life - our book. And at the end of our journey, we will have to read this book with shame, or without. The paintings are reflections, fragments of experiences and fantasies, sometimes ridiculous and inept. Or maybe I dreamed it all...?