Sviatoslav Barabash

Painter Sviatoslav Barabash was born in 1978 in Odessa. Sviatoslav studied and graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts in Kiev, where he mastered the art of adding prestige and talent to his work. The unique stylistic approach to his painting is juxtaposed with the reality of life thereby inducing a high level of intrigue, inspiration and imagination and a short travel in the mind of his viewers and fans.

His philosophy: "The artist is a happy person. He sees the beauty around and can share it with others." A painting by Sviatoslav Barabash is distinguished by a very realistic and vivid color. His painting is rich in details, which is most revealing in landscapes with precisely described vegetation and floral still lifes. Performed at a highly professional level, the works of this artist will not leave connoisseurs of modern realistic painting feeling indifferent .

His paintings are inspired by the world around him, the amazing rare poses of nature and the instantaneous glimpse of magnificence presented by the reality before him. Sviatoslav believes that art has the power to change lives. He shows a strong sense of inspiration to his fans and helps them pursue their dreams through what they see about his work.

Sviatoslav is on a mission to break the barriers and entanglement that has held the human mind hostage and free the mind of all his fans. He believes that by gazing at his work, his viewers are instantly thrown into a nostalgic realm which calms their nerves and lightens their emotions, while giving them a window to see the world through his eyes.

Sviatoslav participated in many Ukrainian and international exhibitions including:

  • 2002 - Personal exhibition in the exhibition hall "Ukrainian shelter house" (Odessa).
  • 2004 - Personal exhibition in the exhibition hall "Union" (Odessa).
  • 2006 - Personal exhibition in the Museum of Western and Eastern Art (Odessa).
  • 2009 - Personal exhibition in the Odessa Art Museum.
  • 2012 - Personal exhibition in the gallery "PIT-ART", Kiev
  • 2013 - Personal exhibition in the Museum of Western and Eastern Art (Odessa)
  • 2015 - Personal exhibition in the gallery "Muse", Odessa.

His paintings are in private collections in America, Germany, Greece, and Israel. He has also made some remarkable sales of his artistic painting in different locations of the world. If you love natural paintings that can send you on an artistic trip, then Sviatoslav’s painting are the perfect choice.