Alexander Babich

Alexander Babich is a popular plein air painting artist from Russia. He was born in 1958 and studied art at the Yaroslavl Art College. Babich lives in a quiet village in the south of Russia, not far from the Caucasian mountains.

Unity with nature gives rise to new themes, revealing his multifaceted artistic vision. Each year, Alexander goes on painting trips into the mountains for new impressions and creative discoveries. Mountains are the artist’s passion. They are always unpredictable and unstable, and this is their charm.

“Here, the emotional palette can change several times during the day, so when I go to the mountains, every time I discover something new for myself,” says the artist. His landscape paintings of snow covered mountains and valleys are quite appreciable. His method of painting usually includes warm colors in a mild tone. He loves to paint the beauty of Russian landscapes in his works.

Alexander is very talented to capture the slightest details within a short time. Light plays a vital role in outdoor paintings. Alexander’s works are beyond fashion. It is an eternal beauty of nature so skillfully reflected by the talented hand of the artist. As a prominent plein air painter artist of Russia, his works are collected by collectors across the globe.