Pavlo Gryniuk

Pavlo was born in Konotop city, Ukraine. He graduated from the "Konotop School of Painting" and the Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture (Departement of drawing and painting). The artist regularly takes part in exhibitions, art projects and plein-airs at home and abroad and his paintings are in many private collections.


In fact, each my works of art is a story of searching of balance between the mental and the material. It doesn't matter if I create a simple "still life" composition with apples, or some landscape or even some kind of abstraction. Every single time I pass through the same way of searching and reflecting. I always work with a great curiosity of how the artwork will look in the end.

P.S.: Why do I paint? Simply because I need it. To feel good I have to paint. It helps me to understand myself, and to understand the world around me. And at the same time, the process of making art lets me share my thoughts and feelings with others.